Client Experiences

“Being committed to Shiatsu for so long I have developed a much deeper sense of trust and confidence in how my body works.” Anne T

“Thank you for the shiatsu –you are a very caring practitioner – I could tell that a lot of energy shifted. I feel much more balanced now, and also back in my body which is great.” Bridget P

“As a result of my treatment I no longer have daily headaches, and those that do come up are easily identified with a particular tense set of muscles, which I have more control to attempt to relax myself. I have reduced the amount of treatment also, and find that I can go longer distances between appointments, allowing my work practices to gradually go back to the routine I maintained before I was injured.” Melissa C

I have been having shiatsu therapy for the past year with Alex Caldwell to assist in managing chronic fatigue; an illness that I have struggled with for seven years. Prior to beginning shiatsu therapy, I had little hope for improvement having tried many other forms of treatment, both through Western medicine and alternative therapies. Shiatsu therapy has brought about profound improvements in my ability to juggle a physically and emotionally demanding job. In addition, I have been gradually able to improve my strength, stamina, and general wellbeing, enabling me to stave off other illnesses and lead a more fulfilling life. Jennifer K

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